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Premium N is a high quality methylene urea nitrogen source that provides the turf manager with a flexible, accurate and convenient method of nitrogen application.

Premium N is a base catalyzed, clear urea-formaldehyde fertiliser solution, containing 35% w/v nitrogen (28% w/w). More than 58% of the total nitrogen is in the slow release form polymethylene urea (MDU, DMTU).

Premium N is available for the plant’s immediate needs with the slower releasing urea forms providing a complete and sustained system of feeding to ensure starter effect and controlled release of nitrogen to obtain greener and healthier grass growth.

Because of its formulation and low salt index, Premium N encourages greater root mass and more vigorous plant health than traditional fertiliser materials. When compared to other nitrogen sources, Premium N produced 8% more root growth than other liquid methylene urea and 5% more than urea ammonium nitrate solution.

Premium N provides a convenient way of providing nitrogen and maintaining colour in turf without excessive growth. It contains a complex series of organic nitrogen molecules and, unlike simple fertiliser salt solutions, it does not cause localised tissue necrosis at the point of contact or osmotic stress. Premium N does not contain phytotoxic compounds or elements (biuret and free formaldehyde).

35-0-0 w/v Methylene Urea

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Water Ratio

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Farmura Guide to Turf Management Products (PDF)

Farmura Guide to Turf Management Products

Farmura Potash Plus leaflet (PDF)

Premium N leaflet

Farmura Potash Plus leaflet (PDF)

Premium N

Safety Data Sheet


  • Methylene urea formulation
  • 58% N is slow release polymethylene urea
  • Gives superior root growth
  • Optimal turf growth
  • Proven by research
  • Formulated specifically for turf
  • 70:30 soil leaf uptake
  • Spoon feed or use as per application guide
  • Easy accurate spray application
  • Spray and play
  • Tank mixes with Farmura liquid range
Farmura Premium N application guide - litres per hectare


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