Strengthen turf’s natural defenses

against stress and disease.

A complete, balanced plant stress and turfgrass health enhancement package

A balanced growing environment is necessary to produce healthy turf that can withstand abiotic stresses and less than ideal weather conditions. Strengthening turf and maximizing the growing environment before the onset of stress is the only way to ensure consistent, high quality turf when conditions begin to deteriorate. With that in mind, we are pleased to introduce Providian, a complete, balanced plant stress and turfgrass health enhancement package.

Providian contains Aquatrols patented “Synergy” technology combined with a proprietary blend of the highest quality cold process sea plants, multi-source chelated iron and manganese, and a custom amino acid package. The sum of this unique stress management package is greater than its individual parts, resulting in a more balanced growing environment and healthy, resilient turf.


  • Increases stress resilience and water stress tolerance
  • Enhances turfgrass quality and visual presentation
  • Increases photosynthesis of the plant
  • Improves root development
  • Speeds recovery of stressed turf
  • Promotes a more natural, sustainable colour

Where To Use

Application Rate

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  • 200-250 ml in 4 liters of water per 100sq. metres or
  • 20-25 liters in 400 liters per hectare


Apply any time during the growing season. Best results will be obtained when applied prior to stressful conditions or when enhanced color is desired without lush growth.



  • Fine turf
  • Golf greens
  • Bowling greens
  • Sports grounds
  • Tennis courts
  • Lawns

Providian leaflet

Farmura Guide to Turf Management Products

Farmura Potash Plus leaflet (PDF)


Safety Data Sheet

Bioforsk, Norway (June 2015)

Bioforsk, Norway (June 2015)

In trials conducted in Bioforsk, Norway Providian produced superior turf quality and density over the untreated control and other stress management products.

Providian has proven to produce a more favourable green colour compared to other stress management products. Providian provides a green that is intense and vibrant, yet lighter than the overly dark shades of green produced by other products.

Researchers have referred to the green colour produced by Providian as “more natural” and “more sustainable” than other treatments.

A more natural green



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