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The leading provider of surfactant and other technologies
used to optimize soil-water-plant-interactions.

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Unrivaled control of the rootzone environment for ultimate playability.

Revolution takes the work out of growing great turf from the bottom up. It works in the soil to stabilize moisture levels, balance air-to-water ratios and provide better access to nutrients in the rootzone. The improvement Revolution gives you in soil conditions lets the plant function at its greatest genetic potential. The result? Stronger turf throughout the season that will perform in all weather conditions.

Revolution means you can control the amount of water you apply with irrigation when conditions are dry. But even when the rain won’t stop, Revolution stabilises the moisture levels within the soil giving you an even surface of unrivaled playability.

The amount of stress placed on today’s greens is greater than ever. Increased traffic and the demand for faster greens speeds, coupled with heat and water stress, pushes turf beyond its physiological limitations. Revolution lets you gain control of the rootzone conditions so that your turf can perform to its greatest potential. It will withstand daily abuse better, use water more efficiently and look spectacular even at the height of summer.

Revolution uses a new class of block copolymer chemistry that has been carefully engineered to provide a solid foundation for successful turf management and is an essential tool for protecting turf against damage caused by environmental and cultural stresses.


  • Balances air-to-water ratio in the soil
  • Increases turf resilience and stress tolerance
  • Programmed approach to prevent Dry Patch
  • Decreases surface moisture in wet conditions
  • Extends natural antioxidant activity
  • Stabilizes proline production for better playability
  • Increases chlorophyll production for consistent colour
  • Increases photochemical efficiency
  • Better rootzone environment under all conditions for healthier turf
  • Increases production of non-structural carbohydrates
  • Increases evapotranspiration for a cooler canopy
  • Increases overall plant health for better disease tolerance
  • Improves turf density


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